Quest Spotlight 'The Detective' (2.1 Development News)

We've been quiet lately, and its not for lack of doing anything.

Spyduck has been working hard on some exciting new desktops for the next public release, whilst I've been busying myself with a series of mini-quests that will introduce you to some of FWVs more interesting alien foes...

We've also finally landed ourselves with a talented and aspiring female vocal artist, going by the avatar 'The Foxtrot'.
Foxtrot will be providing the vocals for Salaan, one of the new unique companions to join the TARDIS as part of the next public build.
I trust you'll all join me in giving her a warm welcome to the ranks.

I specifically want to discuss a new quest mechanism I've been working on this weekend...

The Detective is one of several mini-quests currently implemented into 2.1 that adds a new dimension of playing to Fallout New Vegas.
Put away your guns and Sonic Screwdrivers ladies and gents, it's time to don your trilbys and whip out your notepads as you sleuth your way through a series of mysterious murders...

The below description will allow you to understand the current BETA mechanism for the quest in play.

To summarise the point of the quest mechanism; a series of mysterious murders are taking place in a jam packed venue. The murderer is unknown and at large. Only by cross referencing evidence left behind by suspects at their last known location, will you be able to suss out the guilty from the innocent.

The true beauty in this particular quest is that it is randomly generated for every playthrough. The murderer will be a different suspect on every playthrough. The order in which the 5 remaining victims are picked off, again, will be different on every playthrough.
The crux of the quest? By accusing one of the remaining suspects incorrectly, will alert the murderer to your presence, and will cause them to flee, failing the quest.
However by correctly identifying the murder... well, the outcome is based heavily in narrative. Spoilers.

Through asking the whereabouts and activities of each remaining suspect, are you able to check up on their alibi. An elderely suspect states he was eating at the bar at the time of the last murder. Upon investigating the bar, you find a pile of crumbs from a recently eaten meal. Alibi in check.
A young dame however states she was reading in Suite 101 at the time of the last murder. You're sure you saw her in the Games room at the time of the murder, but can't be certain. Checking Suite 101, you come across no signs of any literature... somethings amiss. Is she guilty? Is she not? Only one way to find out to be sure...

I write so heavily about this particular mechanic because I genuinely feel it's the strongest mechanism I've written into Fallout Who Vegas in well over a year.
Having had this internally tested, the feedback was incredibly positive, so with a little spit and polish, I trust that you'll enjoy the final build as much as I will have developing it.